Lighting is the most commonly used consumer electronic device in your home. It is the single greatest source of comfort and convenience you have. Lighting sets the feel and ambiance of a home. It can create an atmosphere unlike any other, all the while saving energy, money and providing security and comfort. Every look we strive to achieve in a home is affected by the ambient light, and it is therefore fitting that it be the most important. For years we have become accustomed to walking to light switches and simply turning lights on or off, while adjusting every other technology we can think of. The time has come to take control and free ourselves from the long lived light switch.


Lighting Control gives us the freedom to adjust light levels and create different moods. Romantic evenings, family gatherings, and nighttime reading all require different levels of light. Ever get up in the middle of the night and walk into a fully lit room? Lighting Control provides the convenience of mildly adjusting the lights so you can see both coming and going out of a brightly lit or very dim area.


Lighting Control provides security when arriving to a dark home late at night. Imagine your interior lights turning on as you drive up to your home assuring you never walk into a dark home again. Lighting Control can provide a safe & secure home which lights up when security has been compromised or an emergency strikes and flashes the outdoor lights to help emergency vehicles find your home.


Lighting Control Saves Energy! While you may be purchasing many other devices for your home that are more energy efficient, few can save as much as Lighting Control, all the while providing comfort, convenience, & safety. By lowering level of your lights just a small amount, you can save on your energy costs and expand the life of your light bulbs. Lighting Control also saves energy in many other ways. Just imagine, if you had a choice, how often would you really turn all your lights in your home to 0% or 100% all the time?


Lighting Control is the biggest part of a “Smart Home.” A home that knows when you are home, knows when you’re at work, and knows when you’re on vacation. A “Smart Home” can adjust to these different times and save you money. It can turn lights off even when you forget to do so. It can be monitored and controlled from your home, your office, or anywhere else in the world. Even your smartphone can communicate with your system and control any light in your home like a remote. Imagine the possibilities and be part of a new revolution in home control and energy savings.