Tony Calero

Tony Calero has been a resident of Lakeland since 1988. He has always had a passion for movies, music, and of course technology. In May of 2008, after many years of working on electronics, he decided to start his own business doing exactly what he loves. Leaving a career in accounting and looking forward to a new beginning, never once has he looked back.

“I didn’t know where this life would take me, but I knew accounting was not something I enjoyed and didn't want to do that for the rest of my life. So I decided to pursue that which I know I've always enjoyed and I have no regrets. I love meeting new people, solving problems, and providing cutting edge technology to people who may not even know it exists."

Tony believes the best way to succeed is by providing the best care for his clients, and to do that he must also become very educated in his field. The technology field is constantly changing, so it is imperative to always be searching for answers and becoming better educated. He has achieved many certifications in his field.

“In addition to learning this industry, one must also learn about all of the products available and determine which ones will work best for their clients. There’s a lot of options out there, and as with most technologies, it’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of those products.”

Tony brings an expertise in his field that is very rare. Focusing on providing the most professional and quality service available, his integrity and responsibility have proven to be his key to success.

"Our goal is to build relationships with our clients. We sell a service, and as such our clients need us to be there for them when they have questions or concerns about their solutions. It is during these times when we really strive to exceed expectations and show that we stand behind our services."


Rene Arrazcaeta

Rene Arrazcaeta serves as the project manager and co-owner of the company. He has devoted himself to daily education and has completed many certifications from several technology leaders such as Cedia and Crestron. “It’s exciting to be in an industry that is always evolving, one that provides not only opportunities to learn, but to teach. We’re very grateful to actually make a living doing what we love, by bringing technology to our clients.”

No matter how large or small the job, he believes every job deserves the same attention to detail. “We aren’t here to sell electronics, we are here to create relationships and provide great service. It may sound like common sense, but we really believe that everyone should be treated with honesty and respect.”

Rene is a devoted family man to his loving wife of eleven years and his two young daughters. He is a Florida native and has lived in Lakeland, FL since 1984. He's a member of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce and enjoys every opportunity to meet new people.


George Martell - Electronic Systems Engineer


Adrienne Anders - Lighting Automation Specialist


David White - Audio/Video Technician


Kyle Gilmer - Audio/Video Technician


Janet Maldonado - Office Manager


Marcelo Prieto - Controller